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HTM 3060 - Lodging Management

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1 Sentence Takeaway

1 sentence takeaway wordle: Everything I am going to form my presentation using the BOPPPS model To keep my audience awake and engaged BOPPPS  And "Sell a Zork" for the group presentation Exit option multiple options Getting people out of their seats helps to get people reenergized and shakes up the room I'm going to try to make a creative activity that encourages people discuss, argue and move around to let them learn with hands on I have learned about 10 ethical principles for hospitality managers and how important it is to engage everyone Ways to engage people so they actively participate I'm going to use my understanding of creative learning and incorporate it into future class projects BOPPPS The six steps of Active Learning especially pre-test and post-test The strategies for making a creative/interactive presentation BOPPPS! Be creative and not boring might use "sell a zork" as it ties with our chapter "Good to great" Biggest takeaway - strongest solutions / active learning processes involve a combination of creativity, discussion and critical thinking The creative suggestions is a piece of paper I'll keep because it provides good ideas Using an activity to help your audience/students actively learn the subject/content I am going to use a journalist approach as this will not put anyone on the spot Try to differentiate from other presentations teaching The flow chart of how to teach active learning I will use the idea of interaction and incentive in my upcoming presentations I believe I will use the thoughts on BOPPPS model I can definitely use this in my chapter presentation BOPPPS helpful for presentations Being creative when delivering course material to class, having a strategy that will help them learn easily and remember BOPPPS! Get people up and movin'/groovin' Get'em involved There are many creative ways to engage a class I'm going to use BOPPPS To make my presentations more engaging with the audience by using a creative suggestion idea BOPPPS great way to organize a presentation The use of interactive games getting people out of their seats Before I give a presentation I will find out what my audience already knows it will help me to catch their attention I want to use one of the creative suggestions in the Manager's Bookshelf Presentation Group engagement is key to getting everyone interested in the subject matter

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