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Find Data: Datastream

What is Datastream?

  • Datastream is an international historical financial database produced by Thomson Reuters.
  • It includes millions of data sets of both developed and emerging markets, with over 25 years of history for major developed markets.
  • Key data sets include equities, market indices, bonds, warrants, unit trusts and commodities.

How do I access Datastream?

  • One Datastream terminal is available for users in the Data Resource Centre (DRC).
    • The DRC is located on the second floor of McLaughlin Library. As long as the library is open, you may access the terminals.
  • The dedicated machine that includes Datastream requires you to sign in with your University ID (email login).
    • Note: the machine is slow to load (make sure Service Status says Connected).
  • Double click on the Microsoft Excel icon (not the Datastream icon).
  • When Excel is loaded, Datastream should appear as a tab. Click on the Datastream tab.
  • You should see the Datastream functions replace the Excel functions.

Resources to Help with Data Research

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