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Create a Researcher ID (Author Disambiguation)

Why is author disambiguation important?

  • To find all publications by an author, which is particularly useful with alternative spellings, common names, use of first name vs. initial, nicknames, married vs. maiden names, etc.

How do I create a unique ID for myself as a researcher?

  • This makes it easier to distinguish your work from others 
  • Helps you to calculate your research metrics for promotion or tenure 
  • Make an ID with an independent organization rather than with a publisher, because this may limit your ability to publish elsewhere in the future

Find Lists of Researcher Identifiers

How can I find authors without unique identifiers?

  • In Web of Science – search last name, first initial with *, (ex. Doe, J*), which will capture publications with the first initial, first name, first name and middle initial, first name alternate spellings, etc. 
  • Use facets to narrow results, such as discipline or country
  • Search authors using their institution name in the address field

Resources to Help with Research

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