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Handout: How to Create a Poster

Handout: How to Create a Poster

Handout: Academic Poster Templates

Handout: Academic Poster Templates

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Slide size

  • Design > Slide Size > Custom Slide Size > 122x92 cm or 48”x36” (or specific size required).
  • Specific requirements can vary from conference to conference, so be sure to follow instructions on slide size, including an abstract, etc.


  • Insert > Text Box to add the first text box, then Copy and Paste it once you have it properly formatted.
  • Use sans serif fonts such as Arial or Calibri for body text.

Font size

  • Title: 100-120 pt, Authors: 60-90 pt, Institution: 40-60 pt
  • Section titles: 40-60 pt
  • Body text: at least 28 pt, over 32 pt is ideal.
  • References & Acknowledgments can be as small as 18 pt


  • Background Colour: Design > Format Background

  • Text Box Colour: right click on text box > Format Shape > Fill / Line


  • Right click on text box > Size and Position
  • Text Box > Do not Autofit
  • Size: manually enter size using whole numbers
  • Position: manually enter position using whole numbers, leave 1 cm / 0.5 inch borders between text boxes
  • Calculate text box size based on poster height/width, with 1 cm borders and space between text boxes
  • Use Guides and zoom to help align objects: right click on slide > Guides > select both Smart Guides and Guides

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